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Technology between Classroom and College Students


Nowadays, technology has been changing people’s thought and lifestyle. With the rapid development of the socio-economic, the rise of social media and technology has changed the way how college students learn in the classroom, how the educators teach in the classroom, and the way how teachers and students communicate. Have you ever thought of or know that how technology is shaping the college classrooms and college students around the country?

As you know, investment of the technology in the college classroom is growing rapidly. Few years ago, professor is still using blackboard and chalk to deliver their knowledge to the college students, but today’s classroom technology has been replacing the chalk and blackboard. Of course, there is still some professor who is preferred to use blackboard to teach in the classroom. Besides, the technology in the classroom has optimized the concept of teaching, enliven the study environment in the classroom, and also raise the teaching performance in the classroom.

Why technology is playing important role in the college classroom?

  1. Plan Ahead: What do I mean plan ahead? In order to implement the technology into the school system, professor has to involve themselves into planning stage, which is plan ahead and prepare the course material they want to teach in the class room. Once professor has done preparing the study material, they will upload it to a particular website like WVU has a website that call Students always can download the course material from there and study ahead before the classroom. With the clear and organization material on the website, students will not need to copy the study material from blackboard during the class period. For example, from my experience, it is insufficient for a professor who is teaching on blackboard then on a technology device. It is because student will be focus on copying notes instead of paying attention with what information had the professor delivering. Here is some proof from Stacey Roshan, an Advanced Placement calculus teacher at Bullis School. “Taught with the video lectures, Roshan’s students in the 2010-11 school years scored an average of 4.11 on the AP calculus test, compared to the 3.59 average among her students who took the test and were taught in the traditional classroom setting the year before.” More details please visit:
  2. Improved Designed skill and technical skill: Past few years, we still can see that college students are using cardboard during their presentation. It will be trouble for a student who is having limited design skill if they need to do their presentation with the cardboard. Nowadays, with the advanced technology, college students have the capability to produce more professional-looking products and the tool to present to the audience. In this scenario, the presentation had made by the college student become more quality, organized, and professional. Besides, a college of engineering student always required at least has some technical skill like how to solve some calculation problem by using some software like MATLAB. Although the specific software tools in use will likely change before these college students enter the society, the students is still acquire basic understanding about how the software can function and confidence about being able to learn to use a new software. You may also need to know there is software training tutorial online like
  3. Social Network in Class: Social network in class is important for a college student too, especially for those who do not like to socialize outside the class. It might be a good way for them to learn how to involve themselves into this social circle. It is not enough for a student who keeps studying but not in socializing. Besides, if you use the social network wisely then you will gain a lot extra information which you do not learn in class. The extra information may include in term of academic, future employment, relationship between classmates or professor and so on. For example Jim Newman, a PHD Student and instructor at Northern Illinois University, says that he is using Twitter as a bulletin board or to inform students last minutes news like class cancelled but not using to communicate with the students. Some professors are using Twitter in innovative—and effective—ways that benefit students. Please visit to see the five unique ways Twitter is enhancing in education. In addition, the social network like SKYPE is very useful for the students too. Why I said so? From my past experiences, we always have problem with our group members to meeting up to do discussion about the project. The main reason that we always could not meet each other at the same time is the time table always crash together. In this situation, Skype always the best friendly social network which can make a conference call to few people at once. In this scenario, group member go no reason not to attend the group meeting no matter how far you stay from each others.
  4. Economic and Go Green: Why technology in the classroom and student will relate to economic and go green program? The reason I am related it to economy and go green is because nowadays e-book is getting command in college. Why e-book is so beneficial to college students? As we know, textbook in college always bring a lot of financial burden to them especially those major subject’s textbook will be twice of the price of general subject’s textbook. With the existence of e-book, students can have purchase the e-book through online with the lesser price compares to the textbook’s actual price. Besides, e-book definitely can help our Mother Earth go green. As we know, our earth’s temperature is getting higher and causes the ice melting at north and South Pole on the earth. It is a bad scenario for the next generation. According to the USDA, each year 20, 000, 000 (million) trees taking up 5,000,000 acres of “natural” Forest is cut down to produce 27,000 tons of paper for the publishing industry. More detail about the amount of tree we chop off for paper, please visit

In the conclusion, emerging technology into a class and for college students is really helpful. As we know, everything have their disadvantages but as long as college students use it wisely in the classroom than it will just bring benefit not only to them also to our mother’s earth and this society. Before I end my article here, I would like to share a link which content of info graphic about how technology is changing life. I found that the info graphic of the author sharing is quite true and he is trying to explain everything by using picture. This is how the author use the technology wisely, and this is what he learnt when he is further his studying in college. Here is the link that I wish to share with you all:


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