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Technological Effects in U.S Military

How would you feel if you live in a country where the military doesn’t have the necessary technological tools to protect their civilians? Such a country may result in no protection of the people, no peace, people blackmailing each other, no control in the community that they live? Almost every country spends so much money in their military since it is very important for a country to have strong and defensive military forces. The U.S. military is one of the largest militaries in terms of number of employees. The U. S. military have developed in ammunitions, surveillance, defensiveness, controlling, protecting, supporting and etc. Since the military usually recruit young college students between the year of eighteen and twenty four, and these young troops were born at the time where all these type of technology like drones, pack bot, electric helicopter and etc. started developing (in the early 1990’s). This has given the young college troops a lot of opportunities in terms of designing technological ammunitions, weapons, robots and etc. These troops grew up with the development of technology and they were exposed to computers from their childhood age which makes them smart and fast thinkers, they usually get comfortable in operating them.

Pack Bot

The Military college students always have the desire to learn something new all the time. Troops are well disciplined, very determined and focused. This image and personality shows how technology has great impact in our military especially college students. A civilian trainer was explaining to the young troop how important it is to be able to control the Pack Bot. The Americans have developed a lot of Pack Bot that are used on the battle field to save lives of our soldiers. One of the most successful battle-tested robots in the world, the iRobot 510 PackBot performs bomb disposal and other dangerous missions for troops. All these operations are performed by young college military students which is very impressive. The robot has two cameras and a swivel and can be used to inspect objects such as bombs potential at a safe distance. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Michael J. MacLeod.

In October 2006, iRobot launched the Sentinel, the introduction of new features to control multiple robots by a single operator. Sentinel coordinates multiple robots using semi-autonomous intelligent navigation algorithms allowing each robot to reach their designated destination independently, overcoming obstacles, without operator intervention. The program is funded by the U.S. Army innovation of small businesses and Research (SBIR). The system allows operators to send teams on missions Pack Bots monitoring and mapping, fast covering a wide area. All these technological effects show how important security is to America and the government is willing to spend any amount in protecting his people which is a good thing. All these shows how efficient and professional robot can get a mission successfully done with no harm to our troops.


Electric Drone Helicopter



Is really amazing how the U.S Air Force were able to design something like that. How you ever ask yourself how cool this will be if you can just control the electric drone helicopter with your iPhone or iPad touch. This device has some features like vertical and horizontal cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection, missiles and guns. The U.S. military use this electrical drone helicopter for surveillance and missile disposal since it is very hard to see it in the air, is kind of invisible and very tiny. This amazing thing about this device is that it is controlled by the young college troops that already have the skills. They control this device from a tablet that shows wherever the electric drone helicopter projects. This devise have help the U.S. military in so many ways. In the early 90’s, we used to do surveillance by send troops on ground to survey the environment before they can make any moves against the enemy. Which now we can say it would be a waste of time and resources to do ground surveillance since we already have the necessary tools to do it. Even the police departments are now using these types of drones for surveying civilians rather following them with cars. Have you ever imaging this country with no such technologies like these drones? How would you think United States will function without all these help from our military? In order words it’s believe that this country is developed because we always think about our military first and always provide whatever they need to get their job done. It is very important for the civilians in a country to respect their nations military because without them, there will be nothing like a nation. Every nation’s military is their first priority. If a country has a strong military, they always turn to be a develop country. The military also helps the country in their economic growth, like the development of all these technological equipments brings revenue to the country by creating job opportunities for the people in order for them to also provide for their family.


A Micro-Dragonfly Drone

The next generation of military robots is ready to be based on designs inspired by the world of insects. This design has everything from bird-like flapping wing drones to cyborg insects controlled by microcomputers. Since the micro-dragonfly drone is very tiny, the Department of Defense in the U.S. military used them for performing surveillance and intelligence gathering missions or even delivering payloads like tracking devices or even weapons. To be able to see how this tiny micro-dragonfly drone works you can watch the video by clicking on this link . This video talks about the use of micro-dragonfly drone and how important it is for the U.S. Air Force research laboratory to come up with this unique design. All these design shows how technology is really developing in our military sectors because it is always necessary for a country to think about the protection of his people by introducing advance materials. The drones’ dragonflies and butterflies cyborg with built in micro-cameras, could revolutionize spying missions and rescue operations. The advantage of using drones is that they can be used in emergency situations too dangerous for people and the secret military surveillance raids. These designs are easy to control because they have the same controllers as games which makes the operators feel more comfortable to operate.

These drones come in many forms, and some functions as predators. Scientists have even managed to shrink these down to the size of a fly. These drones are remote controlled by mostly young college military troops since they already know how to design and program them. These drones appear and move like an ordinary housefly are possible. Sometimes it is important to think about how long these fly can survive in the air and realized all these drones are mostly made with solar panels which means they continue to function as long as they receive light. Recently, our US military are now using these drones for spying, intelligence gathering and gathering real-time date during events without interfering, distracting, or drawing attention. Every country cares about its military protection and advancement by the help of technological equipments.

Upon all the research that I did, I have concluded that technology have had a great impact on U.S. military. Example of ways that technology has help develop our military is the manufacture of all these drones like the Pack bot which is used for surveying from a safe distance, electric drone helicopter which is also used for disposing missile and lastly the micro-dragonfly drones which are used for strong surveillance. Technology has helped them in their designs and they have been able to developed military weapons, robots that help they in so many ways especially on the battle field. And also think is advisable for the U.S. government to recruit lot young college students since they easily adapt to computers.

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