The Digital Debate

Has Technology Really Changed the Lives of Teenagers?

In today’s society we have seen a drastic influx of technology use by the average American teenager. Many college students and younger teens have been intermixed together with all the technology that is available to them. It can range from just having a simple cell phone in which one texts or it can spread to the use of the iPhone/smart phones (that have seemed to take over) and more. This article is meant for teenager; mainly college students, to hopefully grasp the understanding that technology may being changing us.

According to Sam Laird and his article “How Tech Is Changing College Life [Infographic]” more than 90% of students these days communicate with their professors and 73% say they they cannot study without technology. The link above will send you to the actual article and will depict more information and images that will help many college students understand more about technology in their daily lives. The one astonishing piece of information that is presented is the amount students spent on electronics in 2009, which was $13 billion dollars. Which is an astounding amount of money to be spent, but it shows how technology is becoming more important to us these days to thrive in college. Please use the link above to further gain information about how college is changing because of technology increasing in the lives of many. This article is valuable for many of us because it is simple and allows for one to get an understanding that college students are co-dependent on technology.

To help make myself understand how technology has been adapted and adopted into our college lives I conducted a survey of college students to help understand what they thought of technology and its uses in their own lives. The survey had roughly 60 respondents and a great deal of information to help make the findings a little more understanding to myself and now you all. The next images will help many to understand technology uses for college students:

As you can see from this chart here that many college students use technology to mainly stay in touch with friends and family members with both checking email and Facebook coming in a close second and third. Many students have allowed technology to change the way that they communicate and many do so through texting, Facebook chat, or Skype/FaceTime (video messaging). These different forms of technology have allowed us to stay in touch with others from all over the world and have even allowed many of us the opportunity to enhance our learning in college.

According to Dean Dana Brooks the newest building for CPASS (College of Physical Activity & Sports Science) will be full of state of the art technology allowing students to enhance their skills as well as creating connections with others in their field.

When asked the question of has your use of technology increased in the past few years many students admitted that they have slowly increased their uses. Many stated that it was because there have been newer and newer items available that will do different things from themselves. It is seen that technology has increased by college students because of the following chart that depicts the usages of technology by those that answered the survey.

As many of us can see that iPhones/smartphones have become a huge part of our daily lives and according to Sam Laird the majority of college students cannot go more than 10 minutes without looking at their smartphones. Many of the respondents also said that they use technology throughout the whole day and have been able to increase their communication with friends and family (shown above).

Many of us have seen the change in the use of technology, but my hope is that this article has brought to light that it really has changed for many of us. Technology is always going to be around us and we will have to establish an understanding of how to use it to our benefits even better. Hopefully with just a little bit of extra knowledge we will be able to help each other to stay tech savvy, but also to understand that we use the technology to help ourselves not the other way around.


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